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Autism & Special Needs Friendly

Considered one of our major themed parks, this concept is aimed especially at Autistic individuals where, as we all know, Autism forms a rather difficult state of mind that impedes affected individuals’ growth and mental well-being. This theme concept is aimed at training and helping autistic individuals develop and adapt their characters towards a safe environment that nurtures their needs in adaptability. This themed concept includes development activities zones, sensory-rich playgrounds, balancing activities, cognitive & motor skills activities, emotional activities, and cozy playground spaces.

Inclusive Playgrounds

We provide a wide array of themed playgrounds with brilliantly-designed themes that fit different preferences and tastes of individuals with disabilities, in partnership with Miracle League to provide such playgrounds that fit all ages and backgrounds.

Those playgrounds include all the amenities and overall surroundings needed, with each inclusive park has its own set of outdoor and safe games, and can vary from simple to complex setups