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Our Solutions


A Leap for Togetherness!

At Advanced Disability Solutions, we ensure that all the members of our communities have equal opportunities. We believe they should have the opportunity to learn, play, build friendships, gain confidence and improve their well-being and we provide vital time, emotional and practical support.

Our products range from ready-to-install modular elements to large scale, complex custom-designed solutions developed specifically to serve the requirements of different projects’ requirements and expected outcomes.

01. Care Centers


Specialized care centers aimed at improving the quality of life for those living with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders, as well as that of the families caring for them. 
Our centers are designed to offer access to advocacy, training, resources, and support. 
Our centers are equipped with the latest methods, furnishings, and technology, all focused on helping individuals with disorders cope with their conditions and live better lives. Among others, the centers feature numerous programs including:

- Occupational Therapy
- Speech Therapy
- Group Activities
- Functional Skills
- Play Activities

02. Inclusive Playgrounds


We provide a wide array of themed playgrounds with brilliantly-designed themes that fit different preferences and tastes of individuals with disabilities, in partnership with Miracle League to provide such playgrounds that fit all ages and backgrounds.
Those playgrounds include all the amenities and overall surroundings needed, with each inclusive park has its own set of outdoor and safe games, and can vary from simple to complex setups.

03. Interactive Rooms


Our Interactive Rooms are especially designed for disabled individuals to experience various on-screen rooms of different settings, with impressive sound effects of coziness and a surrounding real-life experience.
Those interactive rooms will help individuals with developing emotional and mental adaptability towards different settings.

04. Virtual Reality Games


With the brilliant reliance on ever-developing technologies in Virtual and Augmented Reality, our VR Games are the perfect environment for end users to experience realistic experiences that are second to none using specialized head gears and a digital world that bring those individuals into the massive virtual space, with instantaneous access to life-like experiences that only impress the wearer to heightened levels.

05. Occupational Therapy


Because our technologies are aimed to promote a sense of fun, we also focus on scientifically-proven medical approaches laced within our 360 Occupational Therapy Rooms.

While challenged individuals need to learn, we might as well provide such educational and development approaches in an impressive and fun way to develop their own cognitive abilities, using reason and logic, and with the help of our advanced equipment to accommodate occupational therapy. This themed technology is available through a varying array of our 360 rooms and equipped with top—notch hardware and lighting systems, in addition to sound effects that stream well with the individuals’ encouraged progress.

06. Sensory Pods


Our Sensory Pods are smart capsules, equipped with high-profile designs and safety measures where disabled individuals use in closed and focused environment and serve as a calming and relaxing space for both children & adults. Typically used in special needs and mainstream schools, Universities, Hospitals, Libraries and airports, as well as family homes. This calming space is full of amazing features as standard and great add-on products such as wifi control, custom branding and more.

The Sensory Pod has a mood light ceiling which is calming and relaxing. It can be changed instantly to the preferred color. The space is fun, relaxing and appealing to any child, or adult, to spend any length of time. It is already being used successfully in Special Needs environments and Universities, seeking an Autism Friendly Environment.

Did You Know?

In executing its projects, ADS adopts Inclusive Design in order to achieve its mission of supporting the full range of human diversity.
Inclusive design incorporates unlike perspectives, including those of individuals with disabilities, into the process of design. Unlike the traditional focus on accessibility which is all about adapting different abilities between people.

Tell Us About Your Project

We welcome every opportunity to be part of our communities’ journey towards a bright, inclusive future. Tell us about your project or requirement and we will be in touch to discuss it in detail.