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Park Concepts


Something Wonderful, For Everyone!

We at Advanced Disability Solutions have partnered with world-renowned manufacturers of leading-edge, diversified and smart theme parks that are especially aimed at individuals with mental and physical disabilities, as well as individuals with no disabilities to enjoy a wide diversity of entertainment apparels and equipment to play side by side, and to be able to have fun in a harmonious set of ecosystems.
Each park we provide is themed and depicts a factor that helps disabled individuals and encourages them to develop their own reactions and behavior towards a set of challenging games and activities, all the while having fun


This is considered a first-of-its-kind concept in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab region on a large scale, where we harness our efforts to contribute to the community and promote an environment where individuals with disabilities have smart parks.

Each of our themed parks is cleverly designed and scaled to an appropriate area, where modern technologies and constructions are utilized for a specific setting and is completely safe, appropriately equipped with personal safety measures.

01. The Green Playground Concept


Derived from nature and everything green, this theme concept sets the grounds for individuals to embark on and experience a unique entertainment ecosystem that involves meandering paths, Green sustainable community parks, recreational activities, vast green zones (trees, green lawn, waterfalls, etc).

It provides end users with an outstanding nature environment that soothes the minds and helps those individuals discover the natural treasures of the Earth.

02. The Smart Playground Concept


As the name suggests, this theme concept is enhanced by smart technologies that induce disabled individuals to cope with assisting technologies and teaches them how to use experiences in different use cases and scenarios, promoting global sustainability and a smart healthy lifestyle, coping with current challenges in waste, renewable energy, and much more. 

This includes Smart Entrance, Smart Locker, Interactive Lights, Smart Waste Management, energy-generating floor, and smart eye tracking games.

03. Autism and Special Needs Friendly


Considered one of our major themed parks, this concept is aimed especially at Autistic individuals where, as we all know, Autism forms a rather difficult state of mind that impedes affected individuals’ growth and mental well-being. This theme concept is aimed at training and helping autistic individuals develop and adapt their characters towards a safe environment that nurtures their needs in adaptability.

This themed concept includes development activities zones, sensory-rich playgrounds, balancing activities, cognitive & motor skills activities, emotional activities, and cozy playground spaces.

Our Mission is Clear..

"To promote a unified and development-themed community throughout the Kingdom and making it a healthy and nurturing social ecosystem where everyone fits in."

Let's Make Your Project Happen!

We welcome every opportunity to be part of our communities’ journey towards a bright, inclusive future. Tell us about your project or requirement and we will be in touch to discuss it in detail.