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“Everybody Fits In…”
Advanced Disability Solutions

Solutions was established with an exceptional vision in mind that encourages the development of a community of total inclusion and tolerance.. Inclusion and Tolerance in terms of accommodating individuals with challenges, be they physical or mental, to develop and realize their own potential and abilities to achieve through challenging activities with the assistance of brilliantly-designed theme parks that distinguish them from conventional theme parks that we are aware of. The Company was established by a group of pioneering entrepreneurs who already have a wealth of experience and activities dedicated to helping people cope with their disabilities by providing supporting services in specialized education and family-supporting extracurricular activities that promote a noble cause of helping those individuals, and to realize their potential, living normal, productive lives. Our efforts and endeavors are channeled with providing plug-and-play theme parks, equipped with the latest technologies such as VR and Augmented Reality, which play a contributing role in assisting individuals with abilities to utilize their wit and critical thinking to solve problems and interact with such technologies, while providing them with a means to develop their thinking skills and to adapt their personalities to real-world and mind-developing games and activities.


To be a pioneering organization in the sector by providing themed parks with smart technologies and that provide mental development.


To promote a unified and development-themed community throughout the Kingdom and making it a healthy and nurturing social ecosystem where everyone fits in.